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Including Facebook marketing, as one of your MLM marketing strategies, can produce a steady stream of high quality, free mlm leads. Using it effectively can turn those leads into customers or new distributors rapidly. In fact, if you’re not using it, in some way, you are missing a tremendous opportunity.

Currently, Facebook is ranked as the #2 most visited site on the Internet, right behind Google. It’s the hottest online social networking site in the world. So, it would be wise for you to have some kind of presence on it if you want to maximize your MLM success.

What I wanted to do was give you some insight on how I use Facebook and point you to some powerful resources that will help you in your Facebook Marketing efforts.

First: Let’s Talk About What Does Not Work

Most marketers are focused on adding tons of friends so they can send their marketing message to them. They want to tell you about their once in a lifetime business opportunity or unbelievable compensation plan. This rarely works, yet people do this over and over again. This is considered spamming and turns most potential prospects off.

If you are being told to bombard people with your primary opportunity, as one of your MLM marketing strategies, please stop. There are more effective ways.

Second: Effective Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a social networking website. So how can you use it effectively as one of your MLM marketing strategies? Think about it, social networking sites are designed for people to socialize with other people.

You can use it to connect with new people in your target market. You can use it to build relationships by getting to know them and sharing something of value with them.

When adding friends, you can focus on adding friends from groups related to MLM or network marketing. Connect with them, ask them how they are doing, and share ideas with them. They will eventually want to know about your business or how they can do business with you.

Third: A Powerful, Rarely Used Idea

Here’s an idea one of my mentors shared with me. Using it has doubled my results. But, before I go any further, I need to tell you that Facebook is not one of my main MLM marketing strategies.

I use it to connect with people who visit my blog and subscribe to my free training offer. When someone shares their email address with me, I search for them on Facebook. If they have an account, I send them a personalize message saying hello. This simple little connection takes our relationship to a higher level.

And remember, people do business with people they like and trust. In addition, I’ll look at and respond to personal emails people send me. This takes so little time and works in such a big way.

Try these ideas in your business and let me know what happens.

We are in a very competitive marketplace and yet, so few people in business invest the time to get to know their prospects and customers. Consider, for a moment, what would happen in your business if one of your MLM marketing strategies was to connect with you prospects.

If you invested the time to get to know them a bit. If you were to find out what they do, what problems they’re having, and what they dream of achieving. If you were to share with them valuable ideas them help them.

Do you think you might stand out in the crowd? Do you think they may want to know about your opportunity and how being on your team could help them be more successful?

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Paul Conti

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