Anthony Morrison – TELEVISION Guru Review

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Anthony Morrison – TELEVISION Guru Review

Unless you have been sleeping beneath a rock for the past two years I am sure you’ve seen the “Anthony Morrison advertising profits from home” TV infomercial. Who hasn’t , right?

Half an hour of pure razzle dazzle…

“I’ve made millions, my pa has made millions, and now it’s your turn. For just one straightforward payment of $39.95 ( plus postage and packing ) you, as well , can be affluent and famous like me. Call now. Operators are standing by.”

And he makes it all sound incredibly simple, simple and inexpensive to do… So we acquired the course and made a decision to analyze slightly deeper. To take another look. Here’s what we discovered .

Anthony Morrison Advertising Profits From Home System

Order the Anthony Morrison advertising profits from home system and you will receive a couple of tiny printed manuals and a few DVDs in the mail. Order from the TV commercial and it can take 3-5 weeks to get the materials unless you pay and extra 20 greenbacks or more for expedited shipping.

Within the books and DVDs you are presented with a basic outline of what it means to market online, some decent entrepreneurial mind set info, and a bare bones intro to the world of CPA ( Cost-Per-Action ) affiliate marketing and PAY-PER-CLICK ( PPC ) advertising techniques.

Overall, very basic stuff you can find some place else online definitely free. No search shattering secrets disclosed here by any wild leap of the imagination.

If fact, here’s all of the information you need to know right here, right now.

There are countless thousands upon thousands of corporations online who will pay you a commission to force traffic to their internet site to finish a short form ( become a lead ) or make a purchase ( become a consumer ). You sign on to become an affiliate, get an affiliate tracking code, and start marketing your associate link. You can focus on driving free traffic ( which needs building a web site and becoming adept at search engine optimization techniques ) or use paid advertising methods to push your affiliate link.

You get paid for results. If you get good at driving traffic and making sales… You may earn some money and get paid. If not, you will not make a cent.

Anthony Morrison Advertising Profits From Home Secret

But we did find a genuine cash making secret in the Anthony Morrison advertising profits from home program. Or maybe I should I say it found us.

So what’s the REAL cash generating secret? High dollar back end sales! Meaning inside days of receiving the material in the mail we were hounded by a high pressure sales person who kept calling us at all hours of the day to sell us all of the “missing info” needed to truly make a significant revenue using Anthony’s CPA promoting model. And, they offered a private coaching program and ready-built websites that cost thousands upon thousands of bucks. 3 to five thousand dollars to be exact. We passed, and from the other reviews you can read online I’m pleased we probably did.

Here’s the bottom line. CPA networks are tough to get into, ultra competitive, and the pros use extremely pricey software to track what all the competition is doing. So unless you are willing to invest hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month to take on the large boys… Pass on the Anthony Morrison advertising profits from home program me.


Paul Conti

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